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PERFECT FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE - imagine your own personal pump-up track for whatever scenarios life throws at you; whether you’re working out, driving the car, playing sports, walking to class, or sitting at work. No more dangling wires. Comfort fit keeps the earbud snug in your ear.

NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES SOUND SNIPER - you speak and they hear only what you say. With our noise isolation technology all other sounds around you are blocked. The wireless microphone only picks up what you say. So feel comfortable talking in noisy and public environments with clarity.

LISTEN AND TALK LONGER - the battery in the earphones lasts longer than others in its class. You can have longer conversations and listen to music all day long. With the convenient wireless charging case within 30 minutes you’ll have a 75% charge ready to go.

TAKE IT TO THE BEACH OR IN THE SHOWER - with IP67 certification Freestyle is waterproof up to 1m (3.3 feet) and fully protected from dust and large particles - like sand! Going for a run on the beach? Couldn’t think of a better environment to put these to the test. Or try them in the shower.

NO WORRY CUSTOMER SERVICE - we take care of ALL of your problems. Whether it’s shipping, product defect, quality issues, sound or microphone, or simply just a question about the product we respond fast and in your favor. Our only rule when it comes to customer service is customer first.